A few comic pages I made after the conclusion of my first comic.. where you can read right here! http://runicknight.tumblr.com/post/56821576594/issue-1-of-runic-academy-its-short-because-i

I will not be continuing this dialogue.

After a lot of thought and some friendly advice, I will be restarting the comic and focusing on Cheyan.

I had a lot of different things happening in this story arc that it was difficult to tell where it was going.
I am not giving up! This is a learning process!

This time around I am writing a script that I can follow rather than throwing ideas at my sketchbook and seeing where they stick.

This is my goal. A weekly webcomic will soon surface once I have this all figured out! (And some real life issues. Like.. moving out west in a couple of months. That will take some time.)

But this journey will be fun regardless. Thank you all for your encouraging words and advice!












If you were at ECCC and spent any time in Pike Place Market, please read this! If you are feeling sick GO TO A DOCTOR!

Today I am grateful for vaccines. This is a lot worse than the usual “convention crud”. 

It’s important to note that if you were exposed and you think you may have measles. you need to call the doctor or the hospital you are going to BEFORE you go. They need to be prepared for your arrival so that you don’t spread measles to others. 

Fucking hell. Signal boost for people who were at Emerald City ComicCon and stopped by Pike’s on the 29th.

Oh what the fuck. D:

Fuck. I’m at the Market at least twice a week for lunch; now I have to remember if I was there then. (I’ve been vaccinated against measles, but shit.)

FYI, the CDC says that if you’ve had two doses of the MMR vaccine then you should still be protected. (I’ve never been so glad to have thorough records, man.)

Given how many kids there were at the con, though, keep boosting the hell out of this signal.

signal boost

holy fucking shit

Dear God. Signal boosting. The press release from the Washington State Department of Health is here:


And the list aof affected places is here:


Seriously, pay attention to this, most especially if you were in the affected area and are in contact with children or pregnant women!

Hey, I’m from here and most of my friends and family are still there, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. The contagious person was also in Tacoma as well. If you feel ill and aren’t sure you’ve been vaccinated, please go to a doctor!

Sorry, not an art post.
Still in the Washington area. Reblogging because this is important to my followers that may have been in Seattle during ECCC.

Our group is okay, but we are keeping an eye on things.



(( Haaaaa guys do NOT go to the original url of kozzdraws. This is not a prank. Somehow the name managed to get picked up by someone and was turned into a spammer porn site. I’m not even sure how that’s possible on tumblr but it’s not my doing and I doubt that I’m getting THAT name back. I’m…

Public service reblog. Because this is terrible.